Animal Bite Injuries And Insurance Claims

Animal Bite Injuries And Insurance Claims: What Is The Connection?

Dog bites and other animal attacks might sound trivial until you look at the facts: According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, every year 885,000 Americans are injured severely enough by an animal bite to seek medical attention.
If you have been injured by a dog or another type of animal attack, the time to take legal action is now. Our firm, The Pirnia Law Group, represents clients who have suffered animal bites that are bad enough to require ongoing care or compensation for the losses they suffered as a result of the bite. Our lawyers can evaluate your case and help you get the cash you need to recover from an attack.

The Connection Between Animal Bite Injuries And Insurance Claims

Why do we mention insurance on a page about lawsuits? Because animal bite claims are by far the most common homeowner’s insurance claim, according to the Insurance Information Institute. When a lawyer with our firm sits down with you to discuss your case, they will be interested in the animal owner’s insurance for the following reasons:

  • A dog owned by someone with homeowner’s insurance is likely covered by that policy, even if the attack occurred away from home.
  • Catastrophic dog bite cases can bankrupt a defendant without an insurance policy covering home protection, so that can limit where damages can be sought.
  • In California, dog bite cases are “strict liability” cases, meaning that the owner is liable regardless of whether he or she was aware her animal might be dangerous.

“Most of us love our pets, but if our dog hurt someone else, we would want to make things right. It is no different when you are the target of the incident. If the attack is vicious enough, you could be looking at reconstructive surgery or permanent disfigurement. People die in dog bite and animal attack cases. If a dog attack changed your life, you have the right to ask for compensation.”
— Ol’ Uncle Ardy, a.k.a. Ardy Pirnia

Let Us Help You Pursue Your Dog Bite Claim

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