The world of contracts is one that has been around for centuries, and no matter whether an agreement was crafted yesterday or decades ago, they all follow generally the same principles. They include parties who exchange something between each other, each party involved is expected to perform a duty, and the agreement memorializes all the terms between the parties. As a result, crafting and protecting a contract doesn’t wait until someone doesn’t follow through. There is as much work if not more on the front end creating the contract as there is enforcing it when something goes wrong.

Partnership Agreements

A unique aspect of contracts involve those that help a business run with multiple owners and stakeholders. Partnership agreements provide the glue that keep a company together in many cases. No surprise, such agreements need to be crafted with care and anticipate problems before they occur.

Business Disputes

Enforcement is often more of a cost than a recovery. However, it can still be a useful tool when performance is more important that financial recovery. This can very well be the case in, for example, a construction project where it is the performance that is needed to bring the project to completion. An attorney who is able to move fast and make an impression can often turn around a problem agreement with a few good warnings.

Contract Negotiations

Writing agreements is not the only pre-agreement step, however. Negotiations play a big part in the actual terms that get used, and how the deal is discussed and agreed upon can often dictate the final language and details. Smart attorneys negotiate all the terms from the start so there’s little to create when it comes time to put things to paper.

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