DUI Defense

DUI Defense

A driving under the influence citation, or a DUI, is a serious offense that comes with real consequences for the rest of your life. Get help fighting your DUI in court from the California law firm of The Pirnia Law Group. Learn more about how our DUI attorneys can help you fight your DUI, minimize its impact on your life, and recover from this incident.

Why You Need California DUI Attorneys

If you receive a DUI in the state of California, the ticketing officer will take away your license at the scene. Did you know that you have 10 business days to file an appeal with the DMV, so you can keep your license and be able to drive to work? Our dedicated attorneys can help you complete the necessary appeals paperwork, so you do not have to lose your independence and dignity. From the appeal onwards, out attorneys will fight for you in court, doing their best to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

How DUI Conviction Affects You

In California, a blood alcohol level of .08 means an automatic DUI citation. If you are convicted, you will lose your driving privileges, pay a fine, and potentially face jail time. For the rest of your life, you will have to declare your criminal record on job applications. This can impact your opportunities for the future.

You do not need to plead guilty to a DUI. Our attorneys will go over the consequences of a plea bargain and a DUI conviction, so you fully understand the impacts these can have on the rest of your life. Our California lawyers can also fight on your behalf in court, working and advocating for you every day.

We will take your case to court, and will do our best to get your charges dismissed. You do not have to plead guilty just to get your DUI case to go away. We’ll help you fight the DUI with aggressive defense and do everything in our power to minimize its impact on your life. Our motto is “Real People. Only Results.” and we work every day to deliver the best results for our clients accused of DUI.

Learn how our Los Angeles DUI attorneys can help you recover from DUI charges and get on with your life.  Payment plans are available for those who need them. Call (310) 739-6779 to schedule a free legal consultation.