Premises Liability Accidents

How Premises Liability Accidents Happen

Danger, Danger: Premises Liability Risks Are Everywhere

When we are young, we are taught to take responsibility for our own safety. And that is true — being an adult means you look out for yourself. But property owners do have a legal obligation to keep you safe on their premises. At The Pirnia Law Group, we help clients who have gotten injured outside of their own home seek damages to help them heal.

How Premises Liability Accidents Happen

There are many ways in which a premises liability incident can happen:

  • Slipping and falling on a clear liquid on the floor in a store aisle
  • Tripping and falling down stairs that were so uniformly colored it was impossible to tell where the stairs ended and the floor began
  • Injuries resulting from falling over ripped, torn or frayed carpet
  • Assaults that happen when a perpetrator sneaks past building/company security
  • Swimming pool accidents involving unsupervised kids and inadequately secured backyard pools

Call an attorney at our firm to help you figure out if a lawsuit would help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

“Some of our clients are reluctant to file a premises liability lawsuit because they are afraid they will just be told by the court or the defendant’s insurance company that “you could have avoided this.” That is B.S., and probably just a tactic (if you hear it from an insurance company) to get you to settle for next to nothing.

“If you visit someone else’s property, it is their responsibility to warn you of potential hazards, and help you avoid them. You cannot act like a crazy person when you are on their property and expect to file a successful claim, but you also are not expected by the court to have superpowers to avoid blatant, inescapable hazards.

“Our firm can get you fixed up when it comes to preparing a claim that will get you back on your feet, and hold the defendant’s feet to the fire.”

– Ol’ Uncle Ardy, a.k.a. Ardy Pirnia

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